Top 4 Indian restaurant with scrumptious buffets in orlando

Top 4 Indian restaurant with scrumptious buffets in orlando

You can enjoy a wide choice of various cuisines, including Indian food, in Orlando’s bustling atmosphere and delightful sightseeing. Foodies should visit Orlando if they want to sample authentic Indian cuisine, as there are delicious cuisines from all over the world to select from.

Indian cuisine is well-known for its spiciness. Spices are utilized liberally in Indian cuisine, whether in North or South India. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that each spice used in Indian cooking has nutritional and medicinal benefits. We’ll look at how to consume a lunch buffet in this blog.

The all-you-can-eat Indian buffet, which has come to be associated with American excess, started out as a significantly more polished and European affair. Despite the fact that large food spreads were common during mediaeval feasts, the Swedes were the first to organize and call such a never-ending dinner.

In Sweden, it became customary to greet new guests with a brännvinsbord, or “table of spirits,” before a bigger meal in the 16th century. Despite the availability of finger foods including bread, butter, cheese, cured meats, and smoked fish, the brännvinsbord’s main attraction was Brännvin, traditional spiced vodka. In the distillation process, potatoes or grains are usually employed.

In India, there is discrimination between the rich and the poor, as well as between the priestly and non-priestly classes. However, with the concept of langar (buffet) in gurudwara, now this distinction was decreasing at least somewhere, bringing everyone and treating everyone as equals.

While it is easy to locate an Indian restaurant in Orlando, it is much more difficult to locate a delectable lunch buffet that allows you to relive the true taste of Indian cuisine. The region is well-known for its wide range of culinary experiences and fast food Indian restaurant. It can be difficult to choose among so many reputable and well-known eateries. Thus in this blog we will take you through top 4 Indian restaurant with scrumptious buffet options on weekdays as well weekends.

Top 4 Indian restaurant with buffets

If you’re looking for authentic Indian curries while on vacation in Orlando, here are the four places you should go with your family. Try one of their many food options and relax in their relaxing atmosphere. If you’re visiting Disney World or attending a convention nearby, you must eat at these restaurants.

We propose that you and your family dine in one of these businesses or order takeout from them to get a full taste of Indian cuisine. Take a peek around Central Florida to see where you can get the purest and most authentic taste of Indian cuisine.

We couldn’t agree more that eating is the route to a person’s heart. Orlando is a great place to go on a first date, celebrate a special occasion, or simply surprise your significant other with a spontaneous date night. Here are four of the most popular restaurants in Central Florida to visit with that special someone. To summarize, these four restaurants are your one-stop shop for anything from event catering to special date night arrangements; all you have to do is visit their website or contact them to discuss your plans or make a reservation.


Saffron Indian Cuisine 

There’s a reason why saffron Indian cuisine is at the top of our list. As we all know, the Waldorf Astoria Orlando is the pinnacle of elegance, and Saffron captures it beautifully. It’s the perfect setting for a wedding anniversary or any other special occasion. The food is delicious, and the ambiance is unlike any other in Orlando.

We work as a team at Saffron Indian Cuisine to meet and surpass your expectations. We use only the finest ingredients to make stunningly delicious food that is both visually appealing and delicious on the palate. The chefs at Saffron are passionate about using fresh, local, and organic ingredients.

Their chefs and restaurant staff collaborate with experienced event planners to ensure that your special day or event is everything you imagined. Saffron has earned the reputation of being Orlando’s best restaurant for catering services. They create beautiful, enjoyable experiences that gratify the elements of taste, smell, touch, and sight while delighting the hearts with long-lasting memories. Your event specialist will meet with you to learn more about your goals and show you how we can assist you in achieving them.

Service details 

Cuisine: Northern 

Dietary Alternatives:  Vegetarian and non vegetarian 

Food & Catering  : Buffet, Catering Clean Up, Catering Delivery & Setup, Family Style, Menu Tastings, Servers, 

Best Sellers; Chicken Tikka Masala, Tandoori Chicken and Biryani

Madras Cafe 

A short stroll from the Dr. Phillips will lead you to a well-known and popular neighborhood hangout serving delicious south Indian and Indo-Chinese fusion cuisine. They serve excellent appetizers and main meals created in the true spirit of southern Indian cuisine.

Traditional South Indian dishes such as idli, dosa, rice crepes, and chole bhature puffed bread are served at the Madras Cafe, maybe Orlando’s best Indian restaurant. Vegetarians will appreciate the fact that the whole Café menu is vegetarian, and that any dish can be easily made vegan. What more could you want from a fantastic Indian restaurant?

This vegetarian-friendly restaurant serves both South Indian and Indo-Chinese cuisines and is conveniently located in Orlando. If you’re a vegetarian who gets discouraged by menus with little choices, you’ll love the cafe’s vast menu, which is completely vegetarian-friendly.

They offer a true fusion Indian dining experience, blending traditional northern components with southern cuisine and dishes. For decades, these two cuisines have combined their recipes and practices, and this restaurant offers the best Indian food menu to its customers.

A world-class supper with outstanding service and delectable contemporary and authentic spices and flavors. The menu of this vegetarian Orlando institution is inspired by India’s southern zone, which is recognized for veggie-centric foods like rotis, lentils, and exquisite specialties in Indian buffets.


Service details 

Cuisine: Northern and Southern 

Dietary Alternatives:  Vegetarian, Jain and Vegan 

Food & Catering: Buffet, Catering and Catering Setup, Family Style, Menu Tastings, Servers,

Best Sellers: Dosa, Chaat, Indo Chinese & Bahubali Thali.

Mynt Orlando

Mynt is an Indian eatery in downtown Winter Park that provides over 100 Indian Food dishes. Mynt is located on New England Avenue in Winter Park, Florida. They offer the best Indian and Chinese cuisine in the area. This is a popular amongst Orlando locals for its diversity, but this is not all it has to offer. Due to its high elegance and romanticism, this is a great place for a date night.

Every day, the talented chefs provide lunch specials for an affordable price. We advocate sitting down in the middle of the day because we believe it raises your blood sugar levels and gives you the energy you need for the rest of the day. It also allows you to relax and focus on the remaining tasks of the day.

Do you want something a little more laid-back? Don’t freak out! Mynt also features an Indian restaurant where you may sample a wide range of cuisine at a reasonable cost. Keep an eye out for the weekend lunch buffet, which is a great way to see what the chef is cooking up with seasonal ingredients while still maintaining the southern cuisine flavor. This one-of-a-kind Indian restaurant is not to be missed.

Service details 

Cuisine: Northern 

Dietary Alternatives:  Vegetarian and non-vegetarian 

Food & Catering: Buffet, Catering and Catering Setup, Family Style, Menu Tastings, Servers, 

Best Sellers: Lamb Chops, Chettinad, Rogan Josh & Basil fried rice


We wanted to create a simple restaurant that provided some of the most famous Gujarati appetizers and Chaat to bring back memories of our birthplace. With our amazing and varied assortment of food, sweets, and beverages, we at DanaPani will meet and satisfy your culinary cravings. You’ll want to come back for more of our scrumptious, savory, and delightful joys and delights.

Each meal has its own distinct flavor and appearance, and the presentation is superb without being overly flashy or trendy. From samosas and sandwiches to thali centers, the menu has everything you’d expect from classic Indian cuisine. As a gourmet, you’ll enjoy the dishes because they’re made to be filling and satisfying without losing flavor or authenticity.

Why visit them:

  •       They started with food safety. The most beautiful place on the earth cannot make up for bad taste. We chose restaurants that have frequently gotten high praise for serving truly delectable dishes, authentic flavors, and wonderful spices, as well as a diverse array of options to appeal to a wide variety of palates.
  •       After that, we gave high marks to restaurants that prioritized not just the quality of their food but also the quality of their experience. Restaurants that serve good food in a beautiful setting were highlighted, especially when they demonstrated a commitment to providing an authentic Indian dining experience.
  •       Finally, in view of the current pandemic situation, we chose restaurants that have good regulations and processes in place for their staff, delivery personnel, and customers to ensure that all government-issued safety precautions and protections are adhered to.
  •       These restaurants keep a high level of professionalism. From start to finish, they go above and beyond to meet and exceed your expectations.

List of Popular Lunch Buffet Dishes

Masala Dosa

They’re made from fermented rice and black grame batter and come in a variety of tastes. They’re similar to crepes. Fresh dosa is served with Sambar, a mild spicy soup perfect for dipping, and a variety of chutneys (sauces) made with coconut, tomato, mint, and other spices. A popular dish is the Masala Dosa, which is filled with fried onion and potato.


Tandoori Chicken

It’s hard to find a person who doesn’t like tandoori chicken, a classic Indian grilled chicken dish. Although yogurt-marinated chicken is usually cooked in a clay oven, it can also be done in a regular oven (or on the grill). Because the coated chicken must be refrigerated for at least 6 hours or overnight, you must plan ahead.


It’s a famous deep-fried chickpea flour snack in India. It comes from Gujarat, India, and is usually served with tea there. Unlike most Indian appetisers, Ganthiya is soft and fluffy rather than crispy. It’s sold by a variety of street sellers around Gujarat, but it’s most popular during Diwali.

Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken Tikka Masala is a mouthwatering grilled chicken dish with thick, creamy gravy that will leave you speechless after one bite. The common Indian spice combination of chilli, garlic, ginger, and garam masala is combined to a tomato-yogurt sauce. The chicken is marinated overnight before being grilled and cooked in Smokey gravy. This recipe is best served with basmati rice and salads. 


The savory doughnut as it is known in India. There are a variety of savory and sweet flavors to pick from. Vada is made from soaking beans pounded into a batter and seasoned with cumin, onion, curry leaves, or chilies. Before being deep-fried, this mixture is formed into a donut shape, resulting in crisp exteriors with a soft, fluffy interior.


This Gujarati specialty is made using ground chana dal (split chickpeas) or chana dal flour (besan). The powder is blended with additional ingredients such as yoghurt, spices, and leavening agents after it has been soaked in water. The mixture is then steamed or cooked until it is firm.

Black mustard seeds, chopped cilantro, and desiccated coconut are customarily sprinkled on top of the dish. It’s usually served as a snack, with chutneys on the side. Although khaman and dhokla are sometimes confused, the latter is frequently made with rice.


Malpua is a deep-fried sweet Indian pancake made with a batter of rice flour, thickened milk, and (often) cardamom. These pancakes are typically produced for special celebrations, and they are particularly popular during the winter season, including during Ramadan and Holi.

To sum up, the perfume of crisp gathiyas, the sound of mustard seeds spluttering, the taste of piping-hot Sambar prepared with fresh tamarind, are all sensory delights served in these exquisite restaurants.