The Madras Café: One stop Solution for your food homesickness

The Madras Café: One stop Solution for your food homesickness

Orlando, the world’s theme park city, is a favourite among backpackers and leisure travellers. It’s easy to see why, with so much to do, see, and enjoy in the neighbourhood. If you’re visiting Orlando for the first time, be prepared for a rock n’ roll experience from beginning to end. And, if you’re like us & looking for South Indian restaurants near me, you won’t be disappointed because there are plenty. The area is known for havingbest Indian restaurants as well. 

However, we very well know that one question every foodie has when it comes to food is where is best South Indian restaurants near me? You’ll be delighted to learn that there is one such restaurant that will blow your mind with its spicy and flavourful cuisine. You can enjoy a meal at The Madras Café if you are missing home and have a craving for Indian cuisine. This restaurant is regarded as one of the finest and most reasonably priced South Indo restaurants in Orlando. Dine in style in a chic restaurant with an extensive menu that combines modern cooking methods with elegant presentation and exotic Indian ingredients. They offer excellent warm and inviting atmosphere. 

About the Madras Cafe

The southern cuisine craze is spreading. If you are not a member of this rising legion of customers, you are missing out on a significant portion of the culinary experience that fortunate customers are now enjoying. Isn’t it high time you paid a visit to this one-of-a-kind food catering business in the heart of the city? When you walk in, the scent of tantalizing culinary appetizers will envelop you. Our team has years of accumulated experience and provides delectable cuisine as well as excellent customer service. We offer authentic South Indian dishes that are as diverse and colourful as India’s people and regions. We serve a variety of delectable dishes inspired by India’s rich culture and culinary traditions in Jain and Vegan choices.

Because of its founder’s entrepreneurial spirit and customer-focused management, the company has created a catering spirit laced with humane hospitality in serving food and servicing its millions of customers’ favourite menus and dishes. Customers who visit the establishment on a daily basis have a sparkling, sweet, and happy time at Orlando. With a wide variety of delectable dishes and cuisine, we have a wide range of culinary delights to tempt your taste buds. You’ll be in such a good mood to savour our offerings on a regular basis, and you’ll get addicted to our diverse South Indian cuisine and welcoming ambiance.

Highlights of our restaurant:  

Pure Vegetarian Indian Cuisine at its Finest. With the steps mentioned below, we aim to exceed all standards in terms of food quality and customer service as we strive to make your experience as pleasant and memorable as possible.

  • Fresh Dishes: Hand-picked fresh vegetables and flavourful aromatic spices are transformed into any exotic dish from a pantry.
  • Various Menu: Our menu features dishes from all over India, including Indo-Chinese fusions and an epic chaat corner. Even in Jain and Vegan choices, there is a dearth of authenticity.
  • Events / Catering: Live dosa stations, chaat stations, and a variety of other choices can add spice to your events and parties, big or small.
  • Fast Service: Leaving you with a fine dining experience at a fast-food pace. Furthermore, we’ll deliver this experience right to your door.Check here

Our Services:  


When it comes to special occasions, you want to do something fun and wonderful for the person in question, and what better place to do it than at The Madras Cafe caters. Our team can organise   workplace lunches, birthday parties, fundraisers, corporate meetings, and other social gatherings. From a casual office lunch to a large wedding, our team of chefs are capable of making your special occasions breathtakingly unique & memorable. 


For your next gathering, whether it’s an office party, a birthday, a bridal shower, a baby shower, or a wedding/reception, we have best team with years of experience, imaginative vision, and flawless organization. We sell exclusive packages that include wine and food options from our menus. In our elegant dining room, you will enjoy the company of your guests while our chefs and a well-trained staff attend to your every need.


You or your recipient will receive an email with a unique code after buying a digital gift card from us. To redeem, show us your printed or mobile code after you’ve finished eating. The best thing is that they never expire!


At Madras Café we know that some occasions need special treatment & attention that’s why we have specials & promotions to ensure that every need of our customers is filled with love & warmth ensuring comfortable time when at Madras Café. To know more Click Here 

You will enjoy a meal here if you are missing home and have a craving for South Indian cuisine. Then madras café is the ideal choice for your hunt for south Indian restaurants near me. Excited to know what the menu holds?  Click here

Why Us? We are so much more than a typical Indian eatery. India is known for its friendly people and delicious cuisine. And that’s precisely what you’ll get. Only the finest herbs and spices are used by our team of trained, quality chefs to create a feast for your senses. The chefs create an excellent menu of original recipes that combine the flavours of various regions. The staff is well-trained and experienced, and they provide excellent support and advice. Our flavourful meals suitable for children, adults, and seniors. When you’re ready to eat, we’ll be ready to serve. Our mission is to provide fast food to our customers, making us the favourite choice of our people & earned us the reputation ofbest south Indian restaurants near me.

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