Mobi Yogi’s guide on transformative power of meditation

Mobi Yogi’s guide on transformative power of meditation

In these times of global uncertainty, yoga’s meditation teachings are more valuable than ever. The only way to find serenity and stability seem to be to look within. Below are some lessons about meditation’s transformational effect to help individuals become more aware about the benefits of meditation for overall wellness. In this blog we will try to emphasize on the vast healing potential of mediation as a therapeutic means to deal with anxiety and stress during these challenging times.

The mobiyogi team believes that changes take place on a deep and subtle level, and they will only become apparent to you or the rest of the world over time. Thus, when you meditate, the gradual improvement in physical and mental well-being that occurs is generally silent and unnoticed, like the slow opening of a bud into a flower in the wee hours of the night. If you set expectations or objectives for change, you may become discouraged if you do not achieve them within a given time frame.

Of course, there are no objective exams that can be used to assess your meditation practice. There are, however, common markers that all frequent meditators will encounter sooner or later discussed below: 

Meditation is a powerful energizer

Meditation is an excellent tonic for the body. The link between mind and cells has only lately been discovered by scientists. They used to be quite skeptical of yogic demonstrations of mental control over seemingly involuntary functions like heartbeat, respiration, and circulation until a few years ago.

They thought the autonomic nerve system was separate from any conscious mental processes. Most physical functions may now be regulated by attention, according to biofeedback techniques.

The mind can regulate the behavior of a single cell, as well as groups of cells, according to modern study. The instinctive, subconscious mind controls every cell in the body. An individual and group consciousness exists in every one of us.

The cells are activated when thoughts and wants flood the body, and the body obeys the group command. During meditation, good energy is often accelerated to the individual cells, renewing them and slowing down degradation. The powerful relaxing waves penetrate the cells and have a beneficial effect on all of the body’s organs, triggering a healing and strengthening process that prevents and cures many ailments. It is a well-known truth that people who meditate regularly visit the doctor and hospital significantly less frequently than those who do not.

Meditation is an excellent source of energy. You’ll feel reborn, full of vigour, vigor, and vitality.

Meditation promotes the body’s anabolic processes of cell formation, development, and repair while decreasing the catabolic, decaying process. Our brain cells die off at a rate of 100,000 each day after the age of 35; meditation slows this down, preventing or minimizing senility. If you meditate regularly, you can gradually reduce the amount of time you spend sleeping to as low as three hours per night for advanced meditators and still feel more refreshed and calm than before. You’ll have a strong digestive system with few excretions and a lower food intake, as well as a sense of lightness in your body and mind. Your senses will sharpen, resulting in increased perception and the ability to hear and see noises and objects more clearly and subtly.

Developing mental calmness

Meditation dramatically reduces stress levels by lowering heart rate and oxygen consumption, and it functions as a potent tonic not just for the body but also for the nervous system. Each aspect of the body is allowed to relax and revitalize, right down to the individual cells. The quiet, serenity, and tranquility that you display in your practice are truly and precisely measures of your growth. You’ll notice that you’re identifying strongly with emotions, thoughts, and actions and you’ll begin to distance yourself from them, taking on the position of witness, as if you were observing someone else.

The formation of inner clarity

Mental strength is accompanied with an increase in the capacity of your intellect. Concentration training improves willpower and memory, resulting in a keen and bright mind. Your capacity to clarify concepts and dispel concerns will improve, and as a result, you will become more adept at making accurate and timely decisions. What took four hours before will now take only one. You’ll be able to separate yourself from the stresses of everyday life, resulting in less tension and more peace.

Consciousness enhancement

Meditation releases a significant deal of spiritual energy, which leads to clear thinking and, eventually, intuitive knowledge. It offers a long-lasting spiritual relaxation that must be experienced to be fully appreciated. Inspiration, grace, and spiritual strength will be bestowed onto you. Higher states of awareness and the feeling of union will be attained, leading to divinity. You’ll learn to reflect more deeply and acquire a desire and willingness to serve others without expecting anything in return.


Now that we are aware of all the benefits of practicing meditation, let’s dwell into details of the meditation and pranayama services offered by mobiyogi Florida to better understand what all is taught and the end outcome of the sessions.

Meditation & Pranayama

What you’ll learn

  • What is Dhyana
  • Benefits of Dhyana
  • How to concentration
  • Trataka meditation
  • chakra meditation
  • Mantra meditation
  • There will be six pranayamas taught: Nadi shodhana, ujjayi, bhramari, sheetali, sheetkari, and bhastrika

The program aims to equip all students with the knowledge on why and how to meditate along with making them aware of how important pranayama or breathing can be for the meditation process. After the guided sessions all participants will be able to develop their own practice routine to continue on paths towards wellness and self-awareness. They will have rich and rewarding relationships as they gain a deeper understanding of themselves and others; they will live a complete and well-lived life as they gain control in previously unthinkable ways.

 Another interesting fact is that the entire team at Mobi Yogi believes that “Meditation provides the route for perfection; keep practicing and appreciate the benefits of inner calm and serenity as they gradually emerge.” And this is what the entire team tries to accomplish with each student or client.


Frequently asked questions


Will meditation cause me to become excessively relaxed or disoriented at work or school?

No, meditation teaches you how to focus your attention and reduce interruptions so that you can get more work done. It aims to reduce stress levels and help individuals gain better mental clarity, so that they can reduce distractions and improve focus.


Instead of sitting cross-legged on the floor, can I meditate in a chair or lying down?

Yes, you can meditate from a variety of positions. Sitting, standing, strolling, lying down, and moving in certain patterns are all traditional meditation positions. Basically, any position that you can maintain comfortably is suitable for meditation. However, lying down has a disadvantage: it makes you more prone to falling asleep. As a result, staying alert and focused may need extra effort. While meditating, keeping your knees bent is a useful practice.


Is it true that meditation can enhance my health?

Yes, meditation may help you get healthy both physically and mentally! Hundreds of researches on the health advantages of meditation have been published, and the results consistently show that persons who meditate frequently have better health than those who do not. Meditation can also help to alleviate anxiety and despair. The relaxation response is enhanced by meditation. Learning to relax quickly and regularly during the day can permanently reduce alertness and stress levels, heart rate, blood pressure to a count few.


Why is meditation beneficial to both the body and the mind?

Meditation is similar to scooping water from a river and pouring it into a transparent pail. Heavy sediments like sand and gravel sink to the bottom of stagnant turbid water, while lighter sediments float to the surface. The center section of the water is clean and cleansed as a result of this process. Meditation, on the other hand, relaxes the mind by allowing chaotic thoughts to drift away, resulting in mental clarity and supporting the body in expelling toxins. We attain better health and access greater insight and intuition when our mind and body reach a condition of purity. Meditation teaches us how to let go of bad attachments, relax, and broaden our view. It helps us to have a clear, robust, and quiet mind, as well as a flexible and strong body. As a result, we improve our general health.


Are there specific requirements or prerequisites for individuals interested to join meditation and pranayama sessions?

Yes, the only prerequisite for individuals willing to take meditation and pranayama sessions with us should have a bucket full of determination and patience  to follow everything and develop a personal daily routine for meditation for at least 5 minutes to see or experience benefits reaping from daily practice in their life and health. This is an experience and practice that will benefit everyone.