FAQs for Pure Veg & Vegan Indian Cuisine in Orlando FL

What dishes are included in your Indian thali?

The indian thali at madras ensures to cover everything from everything sweet to sour in one meal. Some of the most loved dishes are : dosa,  Vadas,Uttapams,Dal Makhani to name few 

For the first time, I’m dining at a vegetarian restaurant in Orlando, Florida. Which meal would you suggest as a starter?

We recommend that you try our famous Bahubali Thaali, which will expose you to all flavours in one dish, from sweet to savoury, in one meal, allowing you to sample all true south Indian delicacies.

On weekdays, do you have indian lunch buffet or specials?

Yes, we provide lunch specials and a weekend lunch buffet with the best indian food Orlando to ensure that our guests may sample everything from sweet to savoury in one satisfying meal that isn’t too expensive.

What are some of your indian restaurant orlando fl’s top Indo Chinese meals to try?

Our chef meticulously prepares all of our meals, but some of the must-try Chinese delicacies are tofu Manchurian curry, Idli Manchurian curry, and our triple schezwan sizzler, which is available in both vegan and non-Jain versions.

Is there a carryout option at your establishment?

Yes. With our no-waste policy, we attempt to set an example as a recognised south indian restaurants near me. As a result, we are always pleased when our customers request carryouts for their leftovers.

Do you have a vast menu for vegan food near me ?

 Yes, Madras cafe’s exotic food menu provides a vast variety of dishes for all those looking for vegan food near me in orlando. 

If we hire you for our event, do you offer tastings of the food menu? 

Yes, as one of the reputed orlando indian restaurants,we provide sampling to help our customers assess if the meal type and flavor are right for them. Our team understands that taste is a crucial component of hiring a vegetarian orlando catering service since it guarantees that you will get the food you want for your event. 

What are some of the most loved dishes in Indian Lunch Buffet?

Some of the  most loved dishes in our indian lunch buffet : 


It’s called the fat cousin of the dosa since it’s created from the same batter but with onion, tomato, and cilantro (coriander). It’s thicker than a dosa and looks more like a savory pancake.


Steamed rice cakes made with fermented black lentils and rice are known as idlis. Rice and lentils are sometimes substituted for semolina. Sambar and coconut chutneys are usually served with it.


Rasam is a mild spicy soup made from vegetables and spices such as tomato, tamarind, and black pepper, and is a popular home cure for sore throats and colds.


Sambar is a spicy lentil, tamarind, and vegetable broth stew with okra, radish, or eggplant. This is used as a topping on dosas, idlis, or rice.

What are some medicinal properties of southern cuisine served at your vegetarian restaurants orlando?

Medicinal properties of southern dishes served in Madras Cafe : 

  • Easy digestive
  • Rich in fibres
  • High in protein
  •  Weight loss benefits

Is Madra Cafe the best vegetarian restaurants in orlando

Yes, we have earned the reputation of best vegetarian restaurants in orlando. In a warm and inviting setting, we serve rich and exquisite southern and Indo-Caribbean cuisine. Madras Café is the place to go if you want to enjoy traditional southern cuisine, as we make and serve excellent, healthy food created with the freshest ingredients for dine-in or take-out, with vegan and Jain alternatives.