Explore the latest health food trends adopted by Orlando restaurants

Explore the latest health food trends adopted by Orlando restaurants

Food is not a business, but a passion for the top restaurants in Orlando. Flr them every detail is important as they understand what it takes to surpass diverse expectations in every way and strive to deliver the best every time they  have the pleasure of serving your guests

Without much delay let’s explore the latest and healthy styles followed at these restaurants:

Organic & Healthy

With an increase in requests for organic and nutritious dishes, chef’s  at Saffron use only the organic and healthy spices to make their dishes exotic by keeping up with the trend! Two of our salad dishes “Garden Salad and Chicken Tikka Salad” are high scorers  among all our health conscious customers. The reaturang is known as one the best restaurants in Orlando  as it is capable of serving both healthy and cheat day options to guests


A Bite at Night

Another trend noticed by Myntorlando staff is that after the main course, our customers are looking forward to another round of delectable cuisine. The talented team devised some delicious night surprises  for its customers from their exotic indian food menu.  The Star performers from their vast menu are Seekh Kabab, Chicken Tikka, Paneer Tikka, Tandoori Momo to name a few delicacies enjoyed by their regular as well as new customers.

Dinner Specials

 Looking for vegan near me? Madras Cafe provides amazing Indian thali in their dinner specials ensuring that their customers taste all flavours and dishes offered by their amazing chefs from sweet to savoury.

On the other hand its sister restaurant Saffron Indian cuisine is capable of making your dinner party fun with their drinks and beer options. The restaurant with their expert chefs has earned the reputation of best restaurant in Orlando with their fine dine environment and friendly team that serves Indian cuisine dishes with elegance and flavour combined.

Because of its founder’s entrepreneurial spirit and customer-focused management, the company has created a chain of sister restaurants offering a variety of Indian Cuisine with fusions to people of Orlando. Customers who visit any of the establishments have a sparkling, sweet, and happy time at Orlando. With a wide variety of delectable dishes and cuisine, we have a wide range of culinary delights to tempt your taste buds. You’ll be in such a good mood to savour our offerings on a regular basis, and you’ll get addicted to our diverse South Indian cuisine and welcoming ambiance.

Different cuisine served at different establishments:

Saffron Indian cuisine:

Indian cuisine in vegetarian and non vegetarian, serving wide varieties of wines indian beers along with daily lunch specials $10 and weekend buffet $16


It is known for serving quality and exotic indian food menus catering to downtown winter park restaurants. Their talented Team serves traditional and modern recipes along with daily lunch specials at $10 and weekend buffet at $16.

Madras Cafe

This restaurant is known for serving exquisite indian thali and vegan food near me. The food at Madras cafe is available  in pure vegetarian, jain and  vegan options served in daily lunch thali at $12 and weekend special lunch thali at $14