Best downtown winter park restaurants for delicious meals!

Best downtown winter park restaurants for delicious meals!

Traveling in Orlando has numerous advantages. You’ll enjoy everything that this gathering of people from all over the world has to offer, not just the incredible nightlife and lively culture. This not only makes Orlando a lively and fascinating destination to live and visit, but it also means you’ll be able to try cuisines from all over the world. The gastronomic culture in this city has flourished in recent years, making it a food paradise for anyone and everyone who loves food and enjoys tasting different cuisines and dishes.


There’s never been a finer time to be a foodie in Orlando, with delectable cuisine from just about every corner of the globe.


However, with so much excellent cuisine available, how do you choose where to eat when there are literally hundreds of options? From fine dining to quick cuisine to comfort food, there’s something for everyone here. This is where we can assist.


What are your alternatives when it comes to Indian cuisine? You can be sure that the various locations of India will provide you with a wealth of amazing possibilities (plus some great options that fuse together multiple regional foods with authentic Indian spices). From region to region, Indian cuisine is defined by simple food that carries a tasty punch and all of this can be easily tasted and explored in winter park making it one of the most loved tourist spot in florida.

With that in mind, we compiled a list of the best  downtown winter park restaurants to assist you in making an educated decision—and to ensure that you have a delicious meal the next time you visit. 

The spiciness of Indian cuisine is well-known. In Indian food, whether in North or South India, spices are used abundantly. It’s crucial to note, however, that each spice used in Indian cooking has nutritional and therapeutic properties. All these can be easily found in these downtown winter park restaurants. 

Best Downtown winter park restaurant 


Saffron Indian Cuisine, one of Orlando’s oldest Indian restaurants and one of the greatest downtown winter park restaurants in Orlando FL, is celebrating its eighth year as a community favourite.

Saffron has built a reputation for combining traditional recipes and ingredients with new twists and contemporary presentations, all served in a refined setting.

The Saffron kitchen is noted for integrating traditional Indian herbs and spices into meals you wouldn’t expect to find them in, resulting in an exciting culinary adventure. Must-try foods include tandoori wings, shrimp chilli, spicy lamb chops with yoghurt, and filled naan. There are also catering and distribution systems available.


To know more details about their services and specialities Click Here!! 

7724 W  Sand Lake Rd Orlando, FL 32819


Madras Cafe

In Orlando, there is an Indian restaurant with an all-vegetarian menu that includes some vegan options as well as some that adhere to Jain dietary restrictions that prohibit the consumption of underground vegetables (potatoes, garlic, and carrots).

Sunny Corda’s Madras Cafe is part of a chain of restaurants that include Mynt in Hannibal Square in Winter Park and Saffron, only a few blocks away on Restaurant Row from Madras.

 Although the wide menu, which specialises in southern Indian food, may be intimidating to some, Corda’s staff is informed (and patient) and ready to provide recommendations if you’re visiting for the first time.

It serves lunch and dinner seven days a week, with limited seats for dine-in, takeout, and delivery. For more information about Madras Cafe’s amazing menu, visit their website.  Click Here !! 

7730 W. Sand Lake Road, Orlando



Mynt has been the most popular downtown winter park restaurant for many years, serving exquisite Indian cuisine. Mynt has always taken pleasure in presenting traditional Indian cuisine, introducing new recipes, and giving a unique dining experience.

The Indian menu at Mynt is extensive, with separate lunch and dinner selections. Lunch plates, tandoori specialties, biryani, Indian curries and gravies, soups, salads, and Indian seafood are among the vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indian foods served at Mynt in Orlando.

Other Indo-Chinese cuisines and desserts include lassi, kulfi, rasmalai, gulab jamun, madras filter coffee, green tea, and thandai. If you’re visiting Mynt for the first time and aren’t sure where to begin with your Indian fine dining splurge, Mynt has a superb team of chefs and wait staff who can help guests choose the best Indian meals from the menu and ensure a memorable experience.

The crew prepares the best Indian restaurant buffet, ensuring that all meals are healthful, filling, and bring the Indian culture to life for our customers through its unique cuisine.

If you’re looking for an Indian food restaurant in Orlando, you’ve come to the right place. Consider Mynt and their world-class culinary facilities without hesitation.


Highlights best downtown winter park restaurants : 

  • A diverse selection of delectable cuisines
  • Their team upholds a high level of professionalism. From start to finish, they go above and beyond to meet and exceed your expectations.
  • They provide vast range of  mouth watering dessert for those whose meals start with sweets 
  • Our team of chefs always hand-pick fresh vegetables and use flavorful aromatic spices to transform into exotic dishes from a pantry.
  • We strive for 100% customer satisfaction to ensure you have a memorable dining experience 
  • Efficient online ordering and curbside pick set up 
  • Experienced and innovative team of event planners that ensure that all events are top notch and executed hassle free.

To sum up, there are no shortages of restaurants in Orlando, whether they are south Indian restaurants or north Indian restaurants. If you have a taste for Indian food, though, these are just a few of the many establishments that will not disappoint.


Frequently asked questions 


Do these restaurants follow Covid 19 protocols?

Yes. All above mentioned restaurants ensure all precautions are maintained and followed at their restaurants. They have ensured that tables are kept at distance and hand sanitizers are kept at frequent distances to ensure full safety in these challenging times. 

What wines or beers are available at Saffron?

As one of Orlando’s greatest downtown winter park restaurants, we have an extensive wine and beer list that includes the top domestic, international, and Indian beers like as Woodpecker and Legend 10000. Check out our wine and beer menu by clicking here.


What are some of the meals that you provide as part of your superb Indian cuisine at Mynt? 

From our Indian food menu, Mynt kitchen can serve over 100 distinct and delectable dishes. Basil fried rice (veg), lamb chops, Chettinad kurma, and chicken Chettinadu are just a few of our most popular meals.


What are some of your restaurant’s top Indo Chinese meals to try?

Our chef meticulously prepares all of our meals, but some of the must-try Chinese delicacies are tofu Manchurian curry, Idli Manchurian curry, and our triple schezwan sizzler, which is available in both vegan and non-Jain versions.


What are some of the best dishes to try at Mynt?

Our chef prepares all meals with the same efficiency and precision however some of the must try dishes we proudly serve are: Kashmiri Naan, Chicken Tikki Kabab, Chilli Paneer, Chinese Bhel, Peshawari Chole, and  Aaloo Gobhi to mention a few.